Aluminum Silicate

Aluminium silicate (or aluminum silicate) has the chemical formula (AlO)2SiO3. It can be manufactured either by precipitation or by processing of the naturally occurring aluminium silicate minerals. The precipitated variety gives better properties due to smaller particle sizes and higher white strength value. Aluminium Silicate has a wide range of industrial uses. It is used as filler and anti-settling agent in paint and as semi reinforcing agent in rubber. It is insoluble and used as a refractory in glassmaking.


  • Part of white pigment like Titanium-dioxide (10% or more) can be replaced without loss of opacity.
  •  Give faster surface and through-drying in product which also stand up better to abrasive treatment.
  • Excellent substrates for high gloss finishes as they ensure good levelling out.
  • Act as anti-setting agents for pigments and fillers. The viscosity of decorative paints containing our product is highly constant over extended periods of time. Being basic, they also have positive effect on storage stability.
  • Give excellent thicksotropy and facilitate dripless application.


The particles of the filler used interact with the polymer, thus changing the properties of the mix and vulcanized material. For filler with definite chemical composition, this interaction becomes more intensive as the surface area of the filler particles increases. Due to fine micronization of our products, they have very large surface area and thus give excellent properties in terms of tensile strength, modulus and resistance to tear and abrasion. They are particularly suitable for soling and microcellular sheets as they give relatively fast cures and enable production of soling materials to be streamlined.