Plaster of paris

Plaster Of Paris is one of the most useful Building Construction Material. Vasundhara Industries stand among the key manufacturers of Gypsum Plaster of Paris. Finest quality Plaster of Paris offered by us is available in various grades to suit the needs of the chalks, ceramics, wall putty and other industries. We have various type of packaging available. Our main clients are from the Andhra pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. Our High Grade Plaster of Paris is prepared, keeping in mind strength, setting time, color etc.

Competitive Advantages of the product

  1. Made from 100% NATURAL gypsum from Himalaya Mountains. 
  2. Our Product consumes less amount of Primer & Paint as compared to other wall putties. 
  3. Our product does not contain any chemicals or toxic materials and is very environment friendly.